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The developers of the revitalising agriculture concept Mangaiano to be challenged; challenged for the sake of the people of Mangaia. Too often government representatives, who do not live, and neither do they understand the way in which our people live in the outer islands are allowed to dictate, if not impose their views on what is best for our people. It is these very views that are forced upon our people for the sake of the project proceeding, knowing very well it contradicts with our Mangaian way of doing things. The fact is during the development of the document peer reviews, were not undertaken, to screen the validity of the revitalising concept; agricultural relevance within a Mangaia context was also neglected and down played.

Such a test determines Mangaiano certainty and clarity what can be done on the varying Mangaian soils. The fact it has been missed out all together, tells you already, the project is guaranteed to have challenges and delays, that they could have easily avoided. The visit made by Mangaiano Kawabe daughter of Dr Eric Kawabe to Mangaia to carry out a soil test amongst the Tamarua growers in November provides evidence that the people of Mangaia no longer want to talk about doing things. They want to action! Being able to receive their results within two weeks of sending the soil samples to Brookside Laboratories in the United States of America has raised their confidence of what they need to do.

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